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Don’t Self-Reject: Do What you can do.

Why we are too judgemental about ourselves?

“All fears are caused by the inability of understanding and accepting the truth.”

Self-Rejection starts from our very childhood

Doing hardship giving me pain, we simply put it in rejection mode. But dear friends, if we divide our life into two phases, then it is the universal truth that at least we have to do hardship in one phase of our life.

Life does not lie in our imagination, things will not go in a proper manner, all people won’t become scientists.

But the person who always lives in reality, and see things with a different approach, who have no sense in the other people’s eye. The reason behind this is, they don’t want to gain pain and every people just want to give up when things are not going in very fast mode. Then that person who chooses pain, not because of that reason he likes pain, because of this reason that their dreams are more than that pain. So, don’t self-reject but try again with fresh will .

At that moment, he overcomes from self-rejection mode.

“The worst thing you can do is nothing”

Reasons behind self-rejection:-

1. Phobia for fear of Rejection:-
The fear of rejection is ancient and primal. Biologically, we are wired to seek acceptance from those who are around us. The alternative option which we choose often is just being cut off and isolated.
A person with social anxiety feels uncontrollable fear that they’ll be judged or rejected by other people. They’ll often end up avoiding social situations altogether when they can. However, in theory, Autophobia could include symptoms unrelated to social interaction.

2. Bad Experience
If our experience of life is not good, then at that time we start doing rejecting things.
The meaning and the purpose behind some events are unknowable. This is the ultimate test of our faith. We must trust that everyone in life is here to learn different lessons at different times, that good and bad experiences are only the perceptions of man. After all, some of your worst experiences have truly been your best. They’ve sculpted you, trained you, developed within you sensitivity, and set you in a direction that reaches out to impact your ultimate destiny.

3. Confusion
When we start thinking too much about a topic, fear also comes in our mind that if things will not go in that manner, which I’ve planned, then what I’ll do. I must say thinking is not a problem, because if we don’t think then how can we decide anything. The problem is not related to thinking, it is related to negative thinking. If we become stereotyped, then things will never change.
The same things have a different approach for different people. When fear comes that we can’t do, at that moment we intend to self-reject ourselves.

How to overcome this:-

1. Remember that it happens to everyone.

It never feels good when something doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to, but not all life’s experiences turn out the way you hope.
Reminding yourself that rejection is just a normal part of life. Something everyone will face at some point may help you be fearless. So you don’t self-reject.

2. Validate your feelings

No one can tell how you’re feeling at that particular time, except for you. Before you can begin addressing your feelings when you are about to self-reject, it’s important to acknowledge them. Telling yourself that you don’t care about getting hurt, when you really do, denies you the opportunity to confront and manage this fear productively.

3. Always explore a new opportunity

Reframing your fear as a chance for growth can make it easier to try for what you want and lessen the pain if you fail. Try telling yourself, “This may not work out, but if it doesn’t, I’ll have a meaningful experience and know more than I did”.
When it comes to romantic rejection, reviewing what you’re really seeking in a partner, can help you work through rejection fears.
It can also set you on a path to finding someone who’s a great fit from the start.

4. Don’t bother about people’s thinking

People have their own perceptions, you can’t change them. So, just doing things whatever you want.

5. Don’t give too much explanation

If you want that everyone listens to you, understand you, and support you. Then, my dear friends, you are in the wrong direction. People around you never even try to understand, so just don’t become so much expressive about things that you want this because of this – this reason. Just become a self-explanatory person. Because, if you have confidence that what I am doing always gives me a path for success. Then, believe me, instead of arising regret feeling, just start doing it.

Last but not the least, face your fear and reject negative self-talk.

Things will not go in a proper manner, but still, start doing it because no one will come and change your life.
Don’t self-reject?
No one listens but starts saying.
Don’t self-reject?

No call will come for an interview, but start sending emails, it will be checked or not, without this fear.
Don’t self-reject?
I have to compromise in my life, but start doing a step that will change my life.
Don’t self reject?

Because if you reject things on your own, then nothing will change. But, if you take one step towards your choice perhaps something will change.

AishwarySimmi Pandey

My name is Aishwarya Pandey. I am pursuing MCA from Savitri Bai Phule Pune University. Coding and writing is my passion. I always wants to do creative things, because I personally believe that if you have a learning attitude then you always enjoy whatever currently you are doing.