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How to Improve Handwriting-3Easy Simple Steps

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Let’s Improve Handwriting

In order to improve your handwriting, first of all you should have seen some handwritings better than you . I mean , you should have some samples or clear picture ,exactly how you want to write . When we see handwritings better than us , we feel to have it .

We can improve it in three simple ways :

  • Good handwriting
  • Good handwriting
  1. Desire: You should have a desire to improve it , there should be some urgency or need to improve it. The need for good handwriting will fuel energy to put effort into improvement.
  2. Proper Practice :

1. Careful Observation : Observe the shape of letters like ‘M’ , ‘W’, ‘V’, ‘F’ ,’Y’ , ‘T’ ,’S’ etc. and ‘f’,’g’, ‘h’ , ‘n’, ‘k’ and ‘K’ ‘m’ ,’t’ etc.

2. Proper proportion in height and width of letters: If you notice, in English, every letter has some ration in their width and height, that we should always keep in the brain while writing. They have beautiful Geometry. Write in any form of cursive or normal fonts, but it should be perfect in that. Because perfection creates beauty.

3. Proper Spacing: It’s very simple to follow, keep in brain that every alphabet, every letter of every word of every sentence should have equal space ( equally spaced (i.e fixed distance should be kept .)).

3. And the last most important step,’ Be consistent’: You may write in a rough note or fair notebook, whenever you write, wherever you write, feel that you are taking part in handwriting competition, this will help you to develop excellent handwriting and give more than sufficient practice. People will love it the moment they see it.

Few samples :



How to top in Merit

Do you know there are so many tools available to improve it, you can see YouTube videos for this purpose?

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